Rebellion & Redemption

A 4th Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign

Character Creation

  • The game will be set in Faerun. It takes place 100 years after the defeat of Bishop and the forces of Zhentil Keep. At the start of the game and through the Heroic tier all the characters will be agents of the reconstituted Harpers.
  • Each character knows at least two other members of the party. This could be from service together in the military, previous operations, a hot and steamy love affair, rivalry while attending the Academy of Magic in Evereska, being 2nd cousins, etc. You can work it out.
  • Characters start at level 1. Future additions and replacement characters will start at the same level as the rest fo the party. See page 143 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide for details on starting equipment and money for higher level characters.
  • If you submit a character background of a couple paragraphs with some motivations for adventuring and plot hooks / NPCs, you can start with a free level 1 or 2 magic item.
  • Characters are made using the point-buy system with 32 points instead of 22, or you can just take the equivalent array of 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8. If allocating points, no abilities can start higher than 18 before racial bonuses. (Remember 4e point-buy uses different costs than previous editions.)
  • Depending on where in the Realms you come from, you’ll receive a regional benefit.
  • I also recommend considering the use of skill powers from PHB2 if you want add versatility to your character. Also don’t forget to buy rituals as you level.
  • Any races and classes from the Player’s Handbook series, the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, and the Eberron Campaign Setting are allowed. Setting specific Paragon Paths may need to be tweaked to fit the setting. No monster races are allowed unless specifically approved.
  • Characters should be Lawful Good, Good, or Unaligned.
  • All characters receive Versatile Expertise (PHB3 p. 184) as a free bonus feat at level 5. The bonus also applies to racial powers such as a Dragonborn’s breath weapon or a Drow’s Darkfire ability.
  • Character Themes as not used in this campaign.

Campaign Notes

  • I expect the game to be a mix of about 50/50 between action and intrigue. Build your characters accordingly.
  • Rather than using ‘wish lists’, I’ll be using a random generator for treasure. If you want a specific item, however, you’ll likely be able to requisition it from the Harpers’ artificers.
  • The game will be capped at 5 players (Aleks, Holly, Chris, Dave & Marko as of 11/7/2010).
  • We’ll be regularly playing on Mondays. I’ll run the game as long as at least 2 players are in attendance. I’m not adverse to scheduling ad-hoc or make-up sessions if people are available.
  • I usually expect the game to run from 6:30pm – 10:30pm, although it may start earlier when everyone is free.
  • If a player is unable to attend a session, the Harpers will assign a replacement NPC team member to fill their role in their absence.
  • I’m happy to hold on to character sheets. I recommend using Character Builder to make an e-version of your sheet. It’s very easy to miss bonuses such as ½ level and proficiency when making a character.
  • Have fun and be creative. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the flavour text and descriptions if you can come up with a clever use for a power.

A Bit of History – The Events Leading to the Crisis of 1474 (Optional Reading)

In the 100 years since the defeat of Zhentil Keep in 1374 DR, a great deal has happened. The Spellplague drastically altered the cosmos beginning in 1385 DR as the result of unfettered wild magic, and the death of the goddess Mystra. This results in geographical shifts and changes in familiar lands, making them magical and fantastic in appearance. Weird towers and spirals of stone jut from the landscape and spectacular chasms and waterfalls abound.

Ancient realms such as the Feywild and entire planes shifted. Portions of Abeir, Toril’s long-lost sister world have fused with Toril, switching places. In particular, across the Trackless Sea a new continent known as Returned Abeir replaced Maztica. Ancient elven lineages also returned to Faerun, calling themselves the Eladrin.

The number of gods has dropped markedly as a result of divine plots and the chaos of the Spellplague. Some left, some were revealed be only the exarchs of other gods, and others were slain. Many bards know the tale of the slaying of Talos by Kelemvor’s exarch Sin Scythe, the commander of the Doomguides.

The Spellplague persists and leaves it marks on creatures – especially those near the Plaguelands. The changes have also changed the Underdark – bringing it much closer to the surface and revealing enormous openings.

After Thay’s humiliation in Mulhorand by a group of Rashemi agents lead by Vladislak and Tairdi in 1380 DR, Szzass Tam established sole control over Thay, and in the process of trying to become an immortal being, transformed Thay into a nightmare realm of death.

Further west, the Empire of Netheril has been reborn. The Empire has expanded greatly. After the death of King One-Shoe III, the Trollslayer – whose leadership mostly protected Sembia from the chaos of the Spellplague – in 1460 DR, Sembia fell into a crisis of succession and the squabbling merchant lords were absorbed by the Netherese. The queen, Akiko, fled to the Dalelands and became a leading figure in the conquest and re-founding of Myth Drannor.

In addition to the threats of Thay and the Netherese, the Drow have become increasingly aggressive in attacking the surface world, and wild magic still reigns unrestricted in the Plaguelands. In response to these threats, King Foril of Cormyr, High Lord Duirsar of Evereska, Lady Captain Akiko of Myth Drannor, and Methrammar Aerasumé of Silverymoon agreed to sponsor the creation of an independent group of adventurers. Although the original High Harpers such as Elminister, Khelbun Arunsun and Storm Silverhand are long dead, it is hoped that the reformed Harpers will be able to swing the tide in the struggle for the Northern and Western Heartlands.

The leader of the Harpers, Eaerlraun Shadowlyn was recently assassinated by Shadovar agents, reinforcing the old, oft-ignored rule of keeping one’s Harper membership secret. The only known Harper hold in Faerun is Moongleam Tower in Everlund – where all aspiring Harpers take their pledge.

Rebellion and Redemption