Rebellion and Redemption

Rebellion and Redemption Chapter 1 – Hammerfast

Rebellion and Redemption Chapter 1 – Hammerfast

The Cast
Adrik, a Dwarven Paladin from the forests of Cormyr
Ariella, a Half-Elven Bard from Waterdeep
Andre, a Human Wizard from the West
Amber, a Human Avenger of Chauntea from the Pirate Isles
Moloch, a Lizardman Avenger from Netheril

Session #1 – 4 Mirtul, 1479DR – The Plots Afoot!

A group of Harpers, Adrik, Ariella, Andre and Amber – affectionately known by their peers as the A-Team – had been on the trail of Lord Rothen of Sembia for several weeks. They knew he had been responsible for the murbe of Rilmtan, a Gnome who claimed to be a grand-child of King One-Shoe, the former King of Sembia. One-Shoe vanished under mysterious and suspicious circumstances creating a power vacuum. The Netherese were quick to act and established control of Sembia in the Chaos.

Lord Rothen had also been agitating against the Dale Compact in the town of Tanskel. The party confronted him there, and he fled towards the Sembian border. On the outskirts of Archenbridge, the party sprung at trap and attacked Lord Rothen and his thugs from both sides of the river. The party captured Lord Rothen, and after searching his body found evidence that he was on his way to the Dwarven outpost of Hammerfast, located deep in the Stormhorn Mountains on the northern fringe of Cormyr. Unfortunately, they were unable to ascertain the name of his contact.

Session #2 – 14 Mirtul, 1479 DR – Arrival in Hammerfast

The party travelled to Hammerfast, heading south through Arabel. There they met up with Galwik Goldspinner, a Dwarven merchant who hired the party to escort his caravan to Hammerfast. On the way, they were attacked by a group of Kenku who attacked the middle cart of the caravan specifically. Questioning Galwik, the party found out that it was carrying rare and expensive Hydra’s Blood from the Vast Swamp, which lies between Cormyr and Sembia.

After defeating the bandits, the party arrived at Hammerfast where they were questioned by Thora Longhammer. Thora and Adrik struck an immediate rapport. Just beyond the gates, they say a Dwarf named Grond delivering as sermon railing against the presence of non-Dwarves in the down. Despite attracting some supporters, he was escorted away by the town guard.

They were also approached by a Dwarf named Old Gaff, who told them of a dungeon underneath the nearby Monastery of the Enlightened Flame, containing great treasures – including the legendary Fire Opal.

The party travelled through the mountains to the dungeon. They were surprised to find it was home to a number of bandits led by Serlek Undertow. They also found a detailed schedule of caravans leaving Hammerfast and the goods they carried. A second note in different hand writing told Serlek that Thar would be angry with him for failing to steal the hydra’s blood from Galwik’s caravan.

Session #3 – 16 Mirtul, 1479 DR – Uncovering the Spies

The party met with Marsinda Goldspinner, the head of the Trade Guild and High Master of Hammerfast. She offered them a commission to uncover the traitors in the town and offered them free lodging at the Coach and Pony Inn while they did so.

The party began their investigation with Frenis Tallgood, the clerk in charge of the south warehouse. Amber’s harsh interrogation revealed that he was a member of a group called the Circle of Stone as well as that he was passing information on to Tarras, an Eladrin bard who played at Rondal’s Inn.

Session #4/5 – 17 Mirtul, 1479 DR – Uncovering the Spies, Continued

The party continued to investigate the bandit’s spy network in Hammerfast. They investigated Tarras, who appeared to be good-natured and charming – especially around Ariella. They were unable to find any concrete information on him, so they decided to try to investigate him later. They did mention their suspicions to Marsinda, however, which caused Tarras to be briefly arrested before being released on lack of evidence.

The party also received an urgent message from Lady Captain Akiko that a Shade was passing through Hammerfast under the name Arwen. The party ambushed and killed the Shade in her room at the Arcane Star Inn. Thora Longhammer didn’t ask many questions when the guards arrived. Arwen was carrying a note indicating she was heading to Vor Rukoth, and that the lost city seemed to pose a threat to the Shades.

Grond picked up his rhetoric about the town’s descent into impious commercialism after a caravan heading to Hammerfast from Arabel was destroyed. The caravan was burned and the guards slaughtered. It too was transporting barrels of hydra’s blood from the Vast Swamp. The party investigated and returned to Hammerfast after a discussion with a patrol of Purple Dragon Knights.

On the way back they were ambushed by a group of brigands. After defeating them, they found a note saying not to hurt the Half-Elf (Ariella). They captured an Orc prisoner and then released him after he promised to leave the area and turn over a new leaf.

Session #6 – 23 Mirtul, 1479 DR – The Play

Upon returning to Hammerfast, the party learned that the Tiefling playright Xerrex was producing a mocking play of them at the Oakhall Theatre. Tarras invited Ariella to accompany him, and Thora and Adrik also went as a couple – much to Amber’s dismay. The play was entitled “The Four Adventurers”.

Xerrex starred as Adros the Dwarf who tries too hard. Mila Morningstar played the role of Jade, the temptress. Tila Swiftriver played Merriella the dilettante and Harold Duggan played Pierre, the incompetent wizard.

The play made fun of Amber’s love life as she and a guard, Helga Axestrong, fought over Adros’ affection. The situation resolved itself when Adros suggested a threesome.

The merriment was spoiled when monsters attacked – real ones, not the ones called for in the script. A group of Lizardfolk and captured Ankhegs forced the party to take to the stage to defeat the threat. Much of the audience thought this was still part of the play.

Andre used the distraction of the play to search Tarras’ rooms, where he found a collection of notes from Kavik describing who he took where. The party questioned Tarras, but were unsure of his involvement in the conspiracy. They did decide, however, to use him to track Thar.

Session #7 – 24 Mirtul, 1479 DR – A Journey Through the Mountains

Tarras lead the party on the trail of Thar after warning them of the dangers posed by monsters venturing out from the plaguelands of the Tilverton Scar.

After defeating a group of monstrous spiders, the party caught up to Thar. They hid and watched him meet with Carthain. Thar gave Carthain a decent sum of gold for a collection of barrels – presumably containing hydra’s blood.

Tarras was shocked and revealed that he was recruited by Carthain to provide information on the comings and goings in town. He also noticed Kavik kept a list of who he took where, so he paid Bria Swiftriver to steal it each day. He claimed to be a member of the Sembian Resistance and told Ariella that Carthain had approached him as a fellow soldier and patriot. Their plan was to hinder the ability of the Shades to pass goods through Hammerfast.

On the return trip to Hammerfast, the party was ambushed by a group of yetis.


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